Waste Oil Recycle

Waste Oil Recycling Round Rock, TX The characteristics of oils, while extremely useful for certain tools and equipment can prove detrimental when released into the environment, especially once they have been used. This is why the Texas Legislature prohibits the dumping of any used oil in sewers, on land, and in waterways. The State has also banned used oil filters & used oil from landfills.

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility and it starts with returning old oils & lubricants for proper disposal & reprocessing. People that change their own oils in small equipment such as landscaping tools should make it a point to get the waste oil recycled.

Not only do we at Dave's Cycle & Small Engine Repair provide superior, small engine repair and maintenance solutions, but are also a highly environmentally-conscious company. We offer the community waste oil recycling services to clients in Round Rock, Hutto, and Pflugerville.

Responsible Waste Oil Recycling Solutions

Many clients from Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, and Austin come to us for all their small equipment repair and waste oil recycling requirements. Over the years, we have had customers from in and around Taylor, Brushy Creek, Jollyville and the surrounding areas coming in for all their engine repair requirements.

They also use our waste oil recycling services to get rid of old oil from their landscaping equipment. We act as a used-oil collection center and offer the community the ability to recycle waste oil for free. At our shop are two 55 gallon drums that the oil is dumped in, which will then be sent to a local oil waste recycling company.

While the companies charge for their services, we at Dave's Cycle & Small Engine Repair offer this service free of charge to our customers and you pay nothing for disposing of your waste oil at our shop. This used oil goes to the recycler who will then process it, and turn it into lubricants, fuel oil, and petroleum products such as re-refined oil.

Some Facts About Motor Oil

There are a number of reasons why recycling waste oil is a good idea:

  • Motor oil doesn't really wear out; it simply gets dirty and can be cleaned of all the contaminants & recycled indefinitely.
  • The oil filters contain steel, which is a very valuable nonrenewable resource, and these can be crushed & recycled into other products. We help recycle these products as well.
  • It’s important that no other substances become mixed with the used oil, because the chemicals can contaminate it, making the oil usable for recycling.
  • If more to avoid washes into the stormwater drains it can create a thick film on the waterway surfaces, depriving all the aquatic life of oxygen and sunlight.

As you can see but is crucial that waste oil be the recycling without exception. Make it a point, to empty out all the old oil from lawn equipment at regular intervals. Bring it to our shop, when you come in for small equipment servicing, and we will help you recycle the waste oils.

For any more information about our scrap and oil recycling program, please call Dave's Cycle & Small Engine Repair at (512) 244-2050 or visit our shop at Round Rock, TX. You can also send us queries and requests via this Online Form on our site.

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