Dave's Cycle is wonderful. I recently brought an edger that hadn't worked in years and a lawnmower that died. He helped unload them and checked them out on the spot. Told me the edger was definitely worth keeping and the lawnmower was a maybe. Gave me an estimate on the repairs. The total price came in lower than expected and both work excellent now. He also gave me insight as to what would keep them working in the same condition now that they were fixed. I would definitely recommend Dave's Cycle and Small Engine Repair to everyone needing lawn equipment repaired.

Annette K

Dave is knowledgeable. We had a pull cord and spring coil break on our generator, but instead of buying a new generator we were able to buy just the piece that was broken. Dave had a whole box full of them - different sizes. Thank you Dave for the quick diagnosis and for having the part we needed.

Casey T

I recently bought a vintage motorcycle from Dave and i was very happy with his attention to detail, and went the extra mile to fix something before i picked it up... Thank you!

David G

What a great guy and great prices! I brought my lawn mower in for repair and he was very honest from the beginning and promised to tell me if it was just going to be more worth it to buy a new one rather than fix this one (which is what I had heard about him). That's a very reputable trait and I was really pleased with it. I brought it in unannounced and he said he'd call me this afternoon... hardly and hour later I received a call with him telling me what was wrong and he had a GREAT price and it would be done in about an hour. It was fast, easy and cheap... what more could you ask for?! I definitely recommend this place. Note: only accepts cash or check. No cards.

Sara A

Dave takes care of business. He's honest and personable and charges a reasonable price. I took my Husqvarna mower in for a fix and Dave made the repair that day.
The take home message from Dave is: Modern day gasoline lasts a few short days.
Don't put week old gas in your small engines and don't let them sit with any gas in the tank. Always use fresh gasoline.

Ken M

Excellent service with excellent turn around! Dave knows his stuff and likes to tell you about the things he knows. If I could give 10 stars I would. Small one man shop, best service I've seen. Will be back and will recommend to everyone I know.

Jeremy K

In and out, no appointment needed. Great spring maintenance and price was super reasonable. Will return and recommend

Quinlyn B

Dave's is the first place I consider for getting my lawn mower repaired. It is always a fast turnaround time for getting your mower back and he gives great advice on how to maintain your engine.
I also appreciate his honesty. If he thinks the repair will be more expensive than just replacing it, he will let you know so you won't waste your money.

Hayden W

It's hard to top all the already great reviews Dave has gotten, but his work ethic exceeds whatever you would normally expect. Top quality work at reasonable prices. Keep up the great work.
Jack S

Awesome service! Dave is so knowledgeable and quick! I'll never take my lawnmower anywhere else! Very reasonably priced.

Susan C

Took my mower to Dave not knowing what was ailing it. Diagnosed the problem in 5 minutes. Had it fixed in an hour and a half and I was back in business. Very professional, explained everything, got the gas lecture :) . Dave knows his stuff.
The only down side is now I have to mow the lawn...

Mark C

Dave has been helping with and working on my bikes for years, and he is very knowledgeable with the vintage bikes. He just got done building an 836cc cb750 motor for me with all the bells and whistles and is working on tricking out my Z1 900 motor. I highly recommended using Dave, It is hard to find honest people who stand behind their work and know what they are doing anymore. I'm not your normal customer looking for oil changes or tires. I bring him some pretty challenging projects.

John R

Took my lawnmower in because I didn't have spark. Dave took maybe 3 hours and it was ready to go. Showed me what was wrong with it and how to maintain it from here on out. Price was very reasonable. If you need small engine work this is the place to go!

Aaron V

Dave W. knows his stuff and is always willing to share what he has learned with all he meets. He helped me out to undo what the dealer messed up and did it for a very good price. His total amount with parts and labor was less than what the dealer wanted to charge me just to look at my motorcycle. The best part is he was able to do it all without an appointment in less time than it normally takes to get the service department on the phone. The only down side is Dave does not accept credit cards.

Jeffrey A

When my Honda lawn mower would not start I took to it Dave's shop. He verified what I had already done and helped me find the problem. The problem was fatal to the engine. Dave did not charge me a cent for his troubleshooting and expertise. I would highly recommend him for your equipment with small engines. Heck of a nice guy too.

John W

Brilliant Honest Mechanical Wizard! He is quick + a perfectionist also extremely reasonably priced. Doesn't get any better than DAVE!!
Much Gratitude to you for working on my 250 Honda Rebel See ya again!


I brought my push mower into Dave to get an oil change on a Saturday. I called at noon and asked if it was possible to get it done same-day. He said to hurry on over and he'd take care of it.
I pulled up to the shop, Dave greeted me at my car, helped pull the mower out and immediately went to work on it. 15 minutes later the blade had been sharpened, oil changed, oil filter washed, and good-practice care tips given. Like another reviewer stated, Dave let me know that the local gas station's gas goes bad after about a month and that it can really gum up the mower's engine. Great time - thanks Dave!
Another good sign is he had several people around the shop (customers) who were hanging out and enjoying chatting him up. Impressed at the comfortable atmosphere.
He charged $32 for the service and I could not have been happier.
Additionally, I'll keep him in mind for when/if I pick up a motorcycle - had some really great bikes in the shop :)

Nick H

I took my mower in for a tune up to a different shop. They had it three week and charged me $75. I got it home and it ran worse than before and the blade was installed incorrectly. Two weeks later the mower would not start.
I read the reviews for Dave's and thought I would give him a try. Wow!. what a difference. I took my mower in at 10 AM and Dave called me at 1 PM to tell me it was ready. I don't remember when my mower ran this well. I did get a little lecture from Dave on caring for my gas, but I really appreciated the advice. He could have said nothing and had me back as a customer in a few months.
Dave is one of the rare people left with integrity and outstanding customer service. If you are looking for a company to work on your small engine or motorcycle, give Dave a shot. You won't be disappointed.

John B

When it comes to motorcycle or small engine repair Dave is the man. This is truly one of those old school finds where you have a guy who has passion for his work and loves doing what he does. He even encourages folks just to stop by and chat motorcycles.... where do you find that anymore.
I had a 1972 Z50 rebuilt by Dave and spend this past weekend riding it around my neighborhood grinning ear to ear. Runs flawlessly.
I now have him working on my 74 Yamaha Enduro 80 and next a TRX250. Dave will be working on all my stuff from now on... period.


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