Edger Repair

It takes a great deal of hard work to maintain the excellent shape and health of your lawn. As it is, you can only keep it spic and span if you have the right tools and equipment such as mowers and lawn edgers. These tools must be kept in tip-top condition at all times so you can use them for your schedule yard maintenance. Conversely, you’ll surely be inconvenienced if they’re not working perfectly due to damage or poor maintenance. In such case, an outright mower and edger repair is the best remedy.

To do this, you should go to a shop that specializes in the repair and maintenance of lawn tools and equipment. And one of the few shops in Round Rock that offers this kind of service is Dave's Outdoor Power. Owner Dave Wiederkehr leads our skilled repair crews in addressing client’s lawn equipment problems. We are committed to provide edger and mower repair services that are done professionally and completed the soonest time possible. Call (512) 244-2050 today to learn more about our value for money edger repair service.

Lawn Edger Troubleshooting

We can fix all the common lawn edger issues that an owner may encounter. For example, edgers that fail to start are usually caused by clogged carburetors and defective spark plugs and ignition coils. We simply replace the defective ignition coil and spark plug and clean up the carburetor or replace it if it’s already beyond repair.

Another edger concern is stalling. This occurs when the edger initially starts and then stalls after a while. In this case, we typically diagnose the causes as clogged or defective arrestor, air/fuel filter, and/or carburetor. We first try cleaning them up and removing the clogs before resorting to replacement. Additionally, we address edgers that run roughly caused by clogged carburetor, fuel filter, spark arrestor, and air filter, as well as defective spark plugs. We apply the same cleaning techniques and replace the spark plug when needed.

Moreover, we repair broken belts, defective or damaged cables and shafts, and jammed gearboxes. We either unclog or replace them depending on the specific issue. We have access to the best-quality OEM and aftermarket replacement parts so sourcing the right parts is a breeze.

Trusted Lawn Edger Repair Shop

It’s hard to trust repair shops these days, particularly since some have outrageous claims they can’t actually support with positive results. At Dave's Outdoor Power, we try to be different from the rest of the competition by providing clients with affordable, results-driven services. We have in-house expert technicians who specialize in lawn equipment repair. With us, clients are assured that we can fix any problem related to edgers and mowers. Particularly, we can handle all kinds of edger repair requests, since we have repaired hundreds of such lawn maintenance equipment in the past.

More importantly, we maintain competitive pricing for our services. This allows us to help as many clients as possible, especially the budget-conscious ones or those with limited funds for their needed repairs. We are easily the best place to go for all your edger repair needs.

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