Recycling Service for Old/Scrap Equipment

Scrap Equipment Recycling Round Rock, TX It isn’t uncommon for sheds and garages to fill up with old and junk lawn care equipment. Most homeowners are faced with the problem of disposing tools that are just too large for their garbage bins. Do you have old lawn mowers, edger’s for any other unwanted landscaping equipment just taking up precious space in your garden shed?

When you have any obsolete or broken lawn equipment and other landscaping equipment, you know exactly how difficult, dirty and uncomfortable it can be to get rid of it. This is where our expert scrap equipment recycling services come into the picture. Not only do we at Dave's Cycle & Small Engine Repair provide superior, small engine repair and maintenance solutions, but are also a highly environmentally-conscious company.

Why Recycle Lawn Equipment?

We offer the community scrap recycling services to clients in Round Rock, Hutto and Pflugerville. Many clients from Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, and Austin come to us for their entire small equipment repair and scrap recycling requirements. Over the years, we have accepted lawn and other small equipment for recycling from customers in and around Taylor, Brushy Creek, Jollyville and the surrounding areas.

Your landscaping equipment has probably provided years of service. However, at some point, every tool breaks down four you might want to upgrade to more advanced equipment.
It may also be possible that you have decided to handle all your landscape maintenance requirements to a professional landscaping company, and don’t find the need to keep any lawn mowing or other landscaping tools.

Upgrading can be a very smart choice for various reasons. Not only are the new tools and equipment far more efficient, but their lower emission levels of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds ensures that they are less harmful to the environment as well.

Local Scrap Program

We understand that just tossing the older equipment out isn’t probably an option. The tools are just too big for your trash bin and probably still have toxic oil and fuel residues in them.
Most people today, recognize the importance of recycling unused products in their home. Since lawn equipment and other tools make up such a large portion of the scrap in most homes, our local scrap program is a great way to make the change you want. The idea of launching this program is to make it easy for our customers to recycle these tools.

Recycling Landscaping Equipment Services

This landscaping equipment such as lawn mowers can easily be broken down into plastic parts and metal. The recycling centers will ensure that they are cleaned and free of gasoline as well as other toxic substances, after which they would be recycled industrially. The different types of landscaping equipment that you can bring to us for recycling include:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Leaf blowers
  • Chainsaws
  • Weed trimmers
  • Other

The focus is on achieving zero waste to the landfill by efficiently sorting and recycling waste metal whenever possible. By recycling, we can help ensure that mercury, lead, and various other toxic materials stay out of the landfills.

For any more information about our scrap and oil recycling program, please call Dave's Cycle & Small Engine Repair at (512) 244-2050 or visit our shop at Round Rock, TX. You can also send us queries and requests via this Online Form on our site.

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