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Repair Services Round Rock, TX If you are looking for expert people who can fix your defective power tools and equipment, motorcycles, and small engines, choose Dave's Cycle & Small Engine Repair. As the most trusted repair shop in Round Rock, we always provide topnotch services regardless of the scope of the repair or maintenance jobs that we handle. You will be dealing with professionals with decades of experience in small engine repair. We always value your satisfaction so we will never perform subpar services. Our client-friendly rate is another reason why we are the choice of countless homeowners and contractors in the state. Please contact us today at (512) 244-2050 or visit our shop now to personally discuss your concerns with one of our expert mechanics.

Motorcycle Repair

Do you want your motorcycle to be in tiptop running condition? Is it time for its scheduled maintenance check-up? How about your vintage bike that may already require comprehensive engine overhaul? We can do all these tasks at Dave's Cycle & Small Engine Repair. Our mechanics can handle all kinds of motorcycle issues, whether it involves filter cleaning and carburetor repair or engine overhaul. Since we are also motorcycle enthusiasts, we know the best solutions to your motorcycle's maintenance and repair needs. We service all kinds of motorcycles - from 2-stroke powered engines to sports and touring bikes. Call us today to learn more about our motorcycle repair services. Read More About Motorcycle Repair »

Lawn Mower Repair

The lawn mower is probably the most important tool in your home. Aside from keeping your lawn spic and span all year round, it can also control weed growth and certain lawn diseases. But damage to the engine and its components is inevitable due to wear and tear. When this happens, bring your mower to a reliable repair shop like us. We can fix any type of mower, whether it is a push-behind or a riding mower. We've been in the lawn mower repair business for decades, so you are assured that your lawn equipment will be handled and repaired by competent and certified technicians. Read More About Lawn Mower Repair »

Riding Mower Repair

Your lawn equipment must be properly maintained to avoid costly repair jobs or buying a new replacement too soon. The cost of a new riding mower ranges from $1,000-$7,000, which can be avoided if you know how to use, store, and maintain your lawn equipment. You can extend the service life of your equipment by performing regular maintenance such as cleaning the filter and spark plug, checking the fuel, and cleaning the deck for debris. But for major problems, you will need the services of professionals. We're the best people to call for your riding mower repair needs. Bring your unit to our shop if it loses speed or power, won't start, starts smoking, or has defective parts and components. We have ready solutions to these problems without asking huge repair fees from our clients. Contact us today to know more about our riding mower repair service. Read More About Riding Mower Repair »

Edger Repair

You can fix simple edger problems by following the manufacturer's troubleshooting guide. But if your solutions fail, you have to bring your edger to a lawn equipment repair shop. At Dave's Cycle & Small Engine Repair, we can perform maintenance works and major repair jobs on your lawn edger. We've been offering this particular service for years, so we know the right solution to every edger problem. Our comprehensive repair service usually includes cleaning of dirty components, replacing defective parts, and performing engine overhaul. Our technicians can repair all edger models and brands. Read More About Edger Repair »

Tiller Repair

The tiller has vital functions in your garden so it must be in tiptop condition at all times. While most tiller issues can be solved in a DIY manner, some of them will require the expertise of certified technicians. Common issues such as broken belt and dull tines can be repaired at home. However, if you have a rough-running tiller engine, you have to seek the help of experts like us. This problem may require a more comprehensive engine diagnostic, which our certified technicians can handle properly. They will check the carburetor and ignition systems, as well as other vital components to find the root cause of the problem. Some of the brands that we can repair are the following: Crafstman, Cub Cadet, MasterCut, Huskee, Honda, Homelite, and Green Machine. Read More About Tiller Repair »

Yard Vac Repair

We can repair portable and commercial-grade yard vacuums at reasonable rates. Just bring your defective units to our shop and we'll fix them right away. From fixing the vacuum's blower fan to engine repair, our technicians can work on these tasks efficiently and promptly. We use only genuine replacement parts when working on yard vac repair jobs. We can also perform maintenance check-ups on your unit if you are not a DIY-type homeowner. Read More About Yard Vac Repair »

Pressure Washer Repair

We offer outright solutions to your defective and non-working high pressure water equipment. We are the best repair shop for your power tools and yard equipment since we have the right repair equipment and genuine replacement parts. And the best thing about us is that we service all brands and models. The common problems that we usually encounter with pressure washers include leaking water, malfunctioning soap injector, rough-running engine, low water pressure, and non-functioning engine. Most of these issues are best handled by certified technicians like the ones we have at Dave's Cycle & Small Engine Repair. Read More About Pressure Washer Repair »

Small Engine Repair

Do you have defective power tools or any equipment that uses small engine? If yes, don't hesitate to bring your unit to Dave's Cycle & Small Engine Repair. We are the most sought-after small engine repair shop in Round Rock. Dave and his team have decades of experience fixing all kinds of small engines, so they can provide solutions to all kinds of engine problems. They follow systematic procedures and perform proper diagnostics on your power tools to identify the root cause of the problem. Our complete inventory of tools and equipment allows us to handle simple to complex small engine repair jobs. We have well-trained technicians, so we can guarantee excellent repair jobs. We are also popular among local residents for our same-day repair service. Read More About Small Engine Repair »

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