Tiller Repair

Dave's Outdoor Power is a well-known small engine repair shop in Round Rock. We have been the go-to shop in the area for our excellent service and exceptional skills when it comes to small engine repair and maintenance. Among our specialties is taking care of our clients' lawn tools and equipment. We can maintain, repair, or overhaul all kinds of power tools such as mowers, edgers, pressure washers, and tillers. These are vital lawn care tools, so they must be in tiptop conditions at all times. Any damage or issue must be handled by a certified technician or a reliable shop. Neglecting simple issues can result in costly repair or equipment replacement. For example, a tiller engine that won't start will cause you more headaches if you will not bring it to a reliable tiller repair shop like us at Dave's Outdoor Power.

Tiller Repair and Maintenance

At Dave's Outdoor Power, we follow a systematic approach when repairing non-working cultivators or tillers. We perform our own diagnostics and we don’t just rely on what the customer tells us. After a careful evaluation of your unit, we will perform the necessary repair works to correct the problem. We may replace old and damaged components, perform engine tune up, or check the filters. For serious issues, we may open the engine and replace specific parts. We will make sure that your unit will function smoothly at its optimum level after we finish the repair job. Don't worry if your tiller is a vintage one since we can recondition it to function like a newly purchased unit.

A tiller engine that won't start is the most common problem of our clients. The problem may be caused by a failed spark plug, dirty carburetor, broken recoil starter, or bad gasoline. Some of these issues can be corrected in a DIY way. However, it is better to seek professional help to ensure the efficient operation of the tiller engine. Cleaning or replacing a spark plug is an easy thing to do but cleaning the carburetor requires in-depth knowledge and actual experience in tiller repair.

We Repair All Types of Tillers

There are two general classifications of tillers. You may have a front-tine tiller or a rear-tine tiller. The first type is commonly used for soil preparation, weeding, and composting in small-to-medium sized gardens. Meanwhile, the rear-tine tiller is typically used for larger planting areas since it has forward- or counter-rotating tines. And here at Dave's Outdoor Power, we accept all kinds of repair jobs regardless of the make or model of your tiller. We are also a manufacturer-accredited tiller repair shop, so choosing us to repair your defective unit is always a great idea.

Tune-up of Tiller Engines

Most of the times, a simple engine tune-up will solve all the issues concerning your tiller. Our tune-up service includes replacing the air filter, changing the oil, checking the ignition system, adjusting the throttle and choke controls, inspecting the carburetor, and cleaning the engine. We also look at the other components of your tiller machine. We will adjust and lubricate all moving parts to maximize the efficiency of your equipment. A more comprehensive tiller repair job is necessary if our simple troubleshooting won’t work.

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